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(take my hand)

hilary duff is not quite old enuff so i aint never seen a butt like dat<3 [04 Jul 2005|07:08pm]
[ mood | tired ]

haha, wow. i haven`t updated this thing in like forever years.
so i`m at my cousin`s house for the 4th of July. a cookout and
you can see the fireworks that they set off downtown from like
her driveway! lol. cool i know. yeah, jealous♥ well yeah
i`m like always on myspace. and not on the computer always as
much as i used to be. so yeah. i never update. so like oh em
gee. just effin comment this sucka. kayyy. kay. well hmm. let`s
see. nothing is happening lately. justin and i aren`t together
anymore. um. i have no boyfriend. uh. i don`t know nothing. i`m
boring. kayyy? well hm. yeah. just comment. kay ♥ xoxo

xoxo . danielle . oxox ♥

(08 never let me go || take my hand)

you're everything i want ;; you're everything i need ♥ [17 Apr 2005|08:13pm]
[ mood | moody ]

well yeah, justin and i broke up. big freaking mistake. i really reealllllyyy like him. and he's on my mind like all the freaking time. and i think i ♥ him?! :O ugh. :/ i reallly wanna be with him again. but he fucking hates mehh guts! D: idk. well friday i went to the switch show. linus, the space pimps, grandshire, and punchline were there. it was okay. the switch and linus were the best parts<3 AAAAhhHhh-maaazzing ♥ ugh. Kerith, Jenine, Katie, Molly, and I were flipping merch girls. UGH it sucked. lol I was a TERRIBLE lol. A girl gave me a $1 for a pin, and tehy're only 50 cents. and i never gave her the other money back? lmao. well then i came home for the night. MISSED OUT ON MSI!! :(:(:(:(:( well saturday i went to gabbie's and got high with molly and gabbie. and like idk. sunday like we got chased by the cops for lighting shit on fire in the woods. and like idk? it didnt really matter. i told my mom i smoke pot. and she didnt care? ugh idk. well leanna's here. im in a bad mood, i just really fucking miss justin. AH what the hell is wrong with me?! idk peace.

[[comment maybe to make me feel awsome!?!!??!]]

(take my hand)

yeah im cool and bored so i take this from ashley's xanga<3 [14 Apr 2005|02:48pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

T h e | B a s i c s | a n d | s t u f f  . . .
- Name: Danielle
- Birthplace: no idea. a hospital though?
- B-day Month:  November
- Current Location: my hizzouse<3
- Eye color: greenish blue.
- Hair color: black and red in the back
- Height: like 5 ft && 5in?
- Righty or Lefty: right
- Zodiac sign: im on the 'CuSp' so its sometimes scorpio or saggetarious
- Shoes you wore today: none, i stayed home..
- Your fears: oh so many.
- Your perfect pizza: idk..
- Goal you'd like to achieve: yeah uh, find someone?
- Your thoughts first waking up: i wanna sleep && it's cold.
- Your bedtime: dont got it.
- Your most missed memory: uhh, i dont even know?
- Pepsi or coke: pepsi
- McDonald's or Burger King: idk?
- Single or Group dates:  single
- Best friends: Gabbie/Dominique/Angela/Maahh-eee/ERiC uhh. i have alot of friends...
- Boyfriend/Girlfriend: nahh
- Adidas or Nike: neither
- Lipton ice tea or Nestea: dunno
- Chocolate or Vanilla: nillaa<3
- Smoke: no
- Cuss: try not to.
- Sing: when nobody is listening.
- Take a shower everyday: yeah                                                                           
- Have a crush:  yup♥
- Do you think you've been in love:  i dont even know?
- Want to go to college: yeah
- Where: either pitt or penn
- Want to get married: yeah
- Believe in yourself:  haaaaa
- Get motion sickness:  no
- Think you're attractive:  no
- Think you're a health freak:  no
- Get along with your parent(s): my mom
- Like thunderstorms: sure.
- Play an instrument:  heck yes, drums baby<3
- Place you would most like to visit: cali or ireland
I n | t h e | p a s t | m o n t h . . .
- Drank alcohol:  no
- Smoked:  no
- Done a drug: no
- Had sex : no
- Made out: no
- Gone on a date: no
- Gone to the mall: duh<3
- Eaten an entire box of Oreos: no
- Eaten sushi: nope
- Been on stage:  no
- Been dumped: uh, nope.
- Gone skating: no
- Made homemade cookies: no
- Gone skinnydipping: no
- Dyed your hair: no
- Stolen anything: no
H a v e | y o u | e v e r . . .
- Been extremely trashed or extremely intoxicated: yessssss
- Been caught, you know: nope
- Been called a tease: nah.
- Shoplifted: uhh, i dont think so?
- Age you hope to be married: dunno
- Described your dream wedding: ..no
- Thought about how you want to die: yup.
G u y | s t u f f . . .
- Best eye colour: green/blue
- Best hair colour: black.. but it really doesnt matter
- Short or long hair: hmm i like it like shaggy, but it doesnt matter.
- Height: taller than me
- Best weight: doesn't matter
- Best articles of clothing: dont care.
- Best first date location: A FLIPPIN SHOW! ha finally an answer<3
- Best first kiss location: dont care
I n | y o u r | l i f e . . .
# of drugs taken illegally: 2
# of people I could trust with my life: um...my sister and my mom. and dom<3
# of CDs that i own: alot.
# of piercings: just two gauges. one in each ear
# of tattoos:  none
# of scars on my body: too many to count.
S p e c i f i c s . . .
- What kind of shampoo do you use? idk some good stuff my sister got
- What are you most scared of? alot of things.
- What are you listening to right now? taking back sunday<3
- Who is the last person that called you? umm i think my sister?
- How many buddies are online right now? 48..
- How many are away: 29
- What would you change about yourself? everything.
F a v o r i t e . . .
- Colour:   ugh pink and black<3
- Food: ummmm
- Boy's name(s): Caleb/Jesiah
- Girl's name(s): Chloee/Dominique
- Subject(s) in school: Math
- Animal(s): tiger or llama
- Sport(s): lacrosse<3
H a v e | y o u | e v e r . . .
- Given anyone a bath? um i think like when i was babysitting or something? idk. they were little.
- Got high? yes
- Bungee jumped? nope
- Made yourself throw up? ew                                                                   
- Skinny dipped? no
- Been in love? no idea?
- Cried when someone died? always
- Fallen for your best friend? yess ahaha. mah main man ERIC SZALKOWSKI<333
- Used someone? um not really?
- Done something you regret? always.
R i g h t | n o w . . .
- Clothes you're wearing: a7x shirt, lifegaurd hoodie even though im not a lifegaurd and when i wear this everyone asks me if i am? NOPE IM NOT. uhh and these like pants, they're blue, real hott<3
- Music you're listening to: taking back sunday...still...
- Time where you are: 3:27pm
- Annoyance thats... eh, annoying you: uhh. nothing really just like having to pee and not wanting to get up. yeah reallll annoying? hah
- Smell you're... eh, smelling: nothing my nose is all stuffded
- Current Desktop picture: like some like.. thing? idk.
- Book you're reading: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants<3
- CD in the player: Taking Back Sunday for the 3rd time.
- DVD in the player: uh i think Fall Out Boy DVD<3

L a s t | p e r s o n  | y o u . . .
- Touched:  justin :(
- Hugged: my mom<33 effin right.
- IM'd: Caleb <33 :(
- Yelled at: my mom.
- Felt sorry for: uh Kerith<3
- Missed terribly: DOMINIQUE !! ahhh
- Felt loved by: i thought goo but ha. it was a jokeee negroz.
- Kissed: uhh, on the lips...john? that crap face ..and the cheek justin kissed me<3
- Spoke to: uhh Brad.
P e o p l e | A s s o c i a t i o n . . .
(Name the people that you associate with the following words)
- Open minded: uh Gabbie
- Interesting: Molly
- Random: Molly or Chelsea.. or Dom!
- Attractive: hmm.. all of those bitches<3
- Smart: ugh none of us. well Dom lol
- Moody: ugh. all of us are. but mostly eric. lmao
- Healthy:  haaaa                                                                                               
- Shy: um idk.
- Difficult: Goo! :(
- Bored easily: all of us?
- Drunk: haa.
- Responsible: hm.. idk.
- Obsessive: not saying it :X
- Angry: um idk.
- Sad: we have our moments
- Happy: all of us have our moments
- Hyper: haa alllll of ussssssss
- Talkative: all of us, mostly gabbie though lol.
- Cute: again all of us
- Violent: alll of us
- Unpredictable: all of us
- Repetition: ugh gabbie
- Drama: prob me!
W h o | d o | y o u | w a n t | t o . . .
- Kill: everyone
- Slap: you
- Get really wasted with: ahhahah
- Get high with: hmm<3
- Look like: just someone prettier than this ugly thing.
- Talk to face to face: goo<3 :(
- Talk to indirectly (on the phone, online etc.): BK! :( <3333
R a n d o m . . .
- In the morning I look like: crappppppp
- All I need is: him, going to the show tomorrow. ah i hope he does.
- Flowers or candy:  flowers<3333
Y o u r | t h o u g h t s . . .
- I know: you wanna.
- I want: you to shut up
- I have: the ugliest face around.
- I wish: i could be liked by you.
- I hate: a full blatter
- I fear: alot of things
- I hear: Taking Back Sunday bitchez<3
- I just: wannaaaaa dance?
- I search: love <3
- I wonder: if anyone is wondering about me right now
- I regret:  so much
- I'm hurt by: alot of things
- I like: something that rhymes with YOU.
- I hate: a full blatter. i said this already.

(02 never let me go || take my hand)

i'll be your best kept secret and your biggest mistake<3 [09 Apr 2005|12:32am]
[ mood | tired ]

yeahhh well nothing realllyy? Lacrosse is everyday, MADDD KILLER. But I get to chill with my madd awsome team and see Kayci and Nadz everyday<33 Ah I love them!!! uhh well Dominique, Tyler, and I went to Northway tonight. It was maddddd fun? k yes. Well on the ride home, Dom's mom was like "He's cute, I just wanted to pinch his cheeks" and I was like "HMMMM WHICH ONESS" and like Dom and I died. Well then afterwards Dom decided to sleepover CAUSE I ASKED HER TO! [[k better dom]] I like had an asthma attack cause we would laugh for like 3543684 minutes every like 5 seconds lol. Ahhh yesss, well then tomorrow I don't know what I'm doing during the day. But later Molly, Colin, && I are going to Gabbie's. Dom might come? I dont know if she wants to or not? Well yeah, it'll be amazing. Justin is in North Carolina and I miss him so much. Justin is so amazing, and I've never felt better with someone. It's like when I'm in his arms, it's like, just... amazing! And my feelings for him have gotten sooo strong. I like him sooo much, I kinda think I love him? I know it sounds weird or something. But really, he's sooo amazing. And I like him soooo much!! ♥ Well yeahh. Then Sunday is Gabbie's birthday WOOOO PARTYYY<33333 It'll be madd fun, except still, Justin wont be home :(. He won't be home until Tuesday and it killsss like maddd. ugh. Well I'm tired and like beat as hell. So I'm outtt<3

♥ justin ♥

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